Originality and open-mindedness are strongly encouraged and opportunities for staff development are varied and many.

Hopetown has a student teacher ratio of 1:10 and looks at employing teachers who see themselves not just as educators in a classroom, but as adults who will contribute positively to the development of each child and to the atmosphere of the community. Originality and open-mindedness are encouraged strongly and opportunities for staff development are varied and many.

Our Values


Staff accommodation, which is partly
furnished and comfortable and meals
for outstation employees


Wifi facilities all over the campus


Tuition for two girl children


Competitive salaries


Western Dance Teacher


  • Female
  • Trained dancer with a minimum two years of experience in teaching different western dance forms
Counsellor and Psychology Teacher


  • We are looking for an experienced lady Counsellor who can also support a few students with Special Learning Needs
  • She should be gentle and compassionate and understand adolescents.
  • Experience in a residential school will be an asset.
Senior School History Teacher


  • Hopetown is looking for a qualified History teacher with innovative ideas and an openness to explore new teaching methodologies.
  • Masters in History from a reputed institution.
  • B.Ed – Teaching experience of the ICSE and ISC classes should not be less than 5 years.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Ability to integrate technology in the classroom.

If any of the above vacancies interest you,
please e-mail us at schooloffice@hopetown.in

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Admission Open for Grade XI