Welcome to Hopetown Girls' School

In the ultimate analysis, the quality of a school is reflected in its students. Hopetown aims to develop young minds that enjoy the challenges of inquiry, knowledge and experimentation. We seek to enable all children to explore their multifaceted talents and facilitate opportunities for celebration of these talents. Read More

Our Achievements

1. 66th District Athletics Meet on 9th and 10th of November 2013.
Over All Athletics Trophy with 11 Gold, 17 Silver and 7 Bronze Medals. In the Under-20 Section - Over All Trophy. Open Section – Over All Trophy

2. Samriti Jain and Sarah Khanna selected
selected for the Dehradun District Team in the 13th Aspen Crew Uttarakhand, State Junior Basketball Championship held at Welham Boys School from 9th to 12th of May, 2013. The Dehradun team won the Winner’s Trophy.

More Achievements...
  • 30 Aug 2014:: Inter School Hindi Elocution
  • 31 Aug 2014:: Visiting Day - 9:00 am - 12:00 noon & Mitr Club Sale