Whetstone on the Kashmir Issue

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The Social Sciences Department organised a Whetstone as part of the General Education Programme wherein a panel of 6 students of Grade XII gave everyone an insight into the Kashmir Conflict stressing on historicity as well as the geo political situation.

The students spoke about the origin of the Kashmir dispute and the contrasting interpretations of the factors, which have kept it as an unresolved conflict since India, and Pakistan became independent in 1947.

They explained ways in which developing concepts within political geography have contributed to understanding the ongoing significance of the region for all the parties to the dispute and suggested that although no solution is within sight, the changing relationship between India and Pakistan, and the evolving world political system may change the parameters of international involvement.

It was a brain racking yet very interesting hour spent as the girls being the future of the country came up with probable solutions from plebiscite to governmental intervention, to resolve the never-ending Kashmir conflict.