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In today’s world technology has revolutionised our world and daily lives. New trends and inventions is the way to proceed and education is what the world is asking me for.

Memories Makers organised a three day live educational your held from the 11-13 of May. Chalte Chalte French for all our aspiring French learners. Our Hopetavians took part in this program from the comfort of their homes.

The educational tour was planned with precision and the students had the opportunity of hands-on learning. Fruitful knowledge was imparted on various topics such as the Eiffel Tower, Museum Louvre. This program helped students understand and explore the various cultures while discussing interesting facts about Paris and learning more about the French vocabulary. It was an amazing experience for our students learning about traffic rules followed in France, asking for directions with the help of maps.

A very interesting topic the students learnt was about the famous wines and cheese which have been produced for centuries in France Attending this workshop has rekindled their enthusiasm for the language. Enjoy viewing this short clip