Karate State Championship

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On November, 25th, International Academy of Martial Arts India Championship organised the 2nd Uttarakhand Karate State Championship in Parade Ground, Dehradun. It was a proud moment for Hopetown Girls’ School as 33 students represented the school and we won 4 gold, 8 silver and 18 bronze medals.

1. Priyanshi Poddar 3rd in kata (9yrs category)
2. Sharika Singh 3rd in kata (11 yrs category)
3rd in kumite , 11yrs (+35kg category)
3. Kashvi Goyal 3rd in kata (11yrs category)
4. Vaishnavi Gupta 2nd in kumite, 12yrs (-40kg category)
5. Jhanvi Kalia 3rd in kata , 10yrs category
2nd in kumite, 12yrs (-40kg category)
6. Raina Aggarwal 3rd in kata 12yrs category
3rd in kumite, 12yrs (-40kg category)
7. Tanisha Mahendru 2nd in kumite, 13yrs (-45kg)
3rd in kata, 13yrs
8. Arfia Fatima 2nd in kumite, 12yrs (+35yrs)
9. Saima Mansoorie 3rd in kumite , 12yrs (-35kg)
10. Arushee Bansal 1st in kumite , 13yrs (-45kg)
11. Nandini Tyagi 3rd in kumite , 12yrs (-40kg)
12. Anvi Gungla 2nd in kumite , 12yrs (-35kg)
13. Vanshika Aggarwal 3rd in kata , 13yrs
14. Suhani Aggarwal 3rd in kumite , 12yrs (+45kg)
15. Divyatta Sangal 2nd in kata, 14-15yrs
3rd in kumite, 14-15yrs (-54kg)
16. Hunerika Sharma 3rd in kata, 12 yrs
17. Mila Dechan 3rd in kumite, 14-15yrs (+54kg)
18. Trisha kedia 1st in kata, 14-15kg
19. Anamya Saraowgi 3rd in kata, 14-15yrs (-54kg)
20. Vedanshi Keyal 1st in kumite, 14 -15yrs
21. Tanisha Garg 1st in kumite, 14-15yrs (+54kg)
3rd in kata, 14-15yrs
22. Manvi Arora 2nd in kumite, 14-15 yrs (+54 kg)