Harmony Inter-School Fest

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Harmony is the annual Inter-School festival held at Unison World School. On the 10th of August, our students participated in this event. Our school’s Indian orchestra as always was melodious. Their performance got a standing ovation from the audience. Hopetown’s rock band using a variety of instruments were also appreciated. Our talented girls entertained the audience with dances from various Bollywood songs. “Where words fail music speaks.” Hans Christian Anderson.

Last and certainly by no means the least our beautiful Odissi dancers with their graceful and captivating performance mesmerised the audience. They bagged the first position for their outstanding performance.

“When a dancer performs, melody transforms into a carriage, expressions turn into fuel and spirit experiences a journey to a world where passion attains fulfillment.”
― Shah Asad Rizvi

Congratulations to our Head of Performing Arts, teachers of this department and of course our hard-working, passionate and energetic Hopetavians who took part in this event.