Black Belt Karate Exam

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Ten students of Hopetown took part in the Black Belt Karate exam held on the 30th of April, 2019 at Shree Sports Academy, Dehradun.

The exam stretched for over a period of four hours and the girls had to really demonstrate their endurance, techniques and mental fortitude. Achieving a black belt is an amazing accomplishment that requires absolute dedication, focussed training, and perseverance to reach this goal.

A Black Belt is something every martial art student strives for. Achieving this cannot be done alone but needs support from family, peers and the instructor.

Our students finally succeeded after a gruelling four hours. That is the moment when they realise that they have managed to succeed despite the difficult odds and almost overwhelming circumstances.

The belt ceremony is always exciting and the students at that moment forget all about the physical endurance they have been through and instead they feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Congratulations to all our 10 students who passed the exam and our Karate coach who has worked tirelessly with the students helping them reach their desired goal.