Add Music- An initiative to raise funds for Covid-19

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On the 28th evening the students at Hopetown Girls’ School presented Add Music a SUPW initiative. This was to raise funds for support staff working in the hospitality sector in Mussoorie who have been impacted due to this pandemic. A special thanks to Maya Ma’am, Ruth Ann ma’am, Shekinah, Vikas sir and our ex Hopetavians.

We at Hopetown have been encouraged and humbled by the generosity and support from our students, their families and the Hopetown staff.

Thank you all for making this possible in our efforts to support 46 families in Mussoorie with rations for a month. Our target was 100 families, so we look forward to your generous and continued support for this noble cause. Once again, our sincere gratitude to everyone who made this possible.

A link to the programme on the 28th

It is so heart-warming to know that singer Shekinah Mukhiya and her father Mr Vikas Mukhiya were able to go and distribute rations that Hopetown Girls’ School had raised during the event Add music on May 28th to the families affected by the pandemic belonging to the tourist and hospitality sector. ( Garwahal Post May 31,2021)