The Sound of Music

This is the first international collaborative activity under the ISA action plan. Our international partners in this activity were the Korea Kent Foreign School, Seoul, South Korea. This activity involved students from nearly the entire school e.g. V,VI, VII,IX and IX.The focus of this activity was to enable students to understand that conversation and interaction is an effective way of learning and building lasting relationships. This activity was focussed on learning about string instruments played in Indian classical music and traditional string instruments played in the partner school. In this case we learnt about a unique instrument known as the Gayageum. The Gayageum is a traditional string instrument played in Korea ever since the Silla Dynasty. In the first phase students exchanged a ppt. / i-movie about the history, structure and method of playing the Sitar and Santoor in India and the Gayageum in South Korea. After both schools watched the presentation, they recorded their responses to each other in the form of an i-movie which was also exchanged via –you tube, students have been exchanging e-mails with each other and discussing about the new instruments that they have learnt and also reflecting on how interactions with schools in different countries enriches the process of learning and creates lifelong friends.

Students of both schools learnt to develop good relations with each other. Students learnt to communicate effectively via emails and i-movies, they learnt how to reciprocate to people of different nationalities. Students learnt about the musical history and culture of South Korea. Students learnt about a new unique instrument. They also learnt how Hindustani Music is different from Korean Music.