The Senior School

The Senior School comprises of Grades IX – XII. The school is affiliated to the Council of the Indian School Certificate. The school believes in offering a range of subjects to students in order to enable them to explore their interests:

ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) Examination

 Class IX and X students are offered the following subject options in addition to those that are mandatory.


  • Mandatory Subjects :
    • English (Language + Literature)                                             
    • Second Language (Hindi)                                        
    • History, Civics and Geography                                                    
    • Mathematics
  • Optional Subjects :                                                                              
    • Science
    • Economics
    • Commercial Studies
    • Computer Applications
    • Hindustani Music (Tabla/Sitar/Santoor/Vocal Music)
    • Indian Dance (Kathak/Odissi)
    • Art
    • Physical Education
    • Home Science

ISC (Indian School Certificate) Examination

Class XI and XII students are offered the following Subject options in addition to that which is mandatory.

             Mandatory Subject :

  • English (Language + Literature)

Optional Subjects :

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Commerce
  • Accounts
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Geography
  • Computer Science
  • Elective English
  • Environmental Science
  • Hindustani Music (Tabla/Sitar/Santoor/Vocal Music)
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Home Science


 There are two Assessment Periods in an academic year:

SEMESTER 1: February – August

SEMESTER 2: September – January

Class IX and Class XI

SEMESTER 1: April – August

SEMESTER 2: September – December

In an academic year assessment is a two way process- Formative and Summative. The former is the ongoing tests and assignments while the latter is the Half Yearly and the Final Examinations. Students in their Board Examination year (Class X and XII) are required to take two compulsory Preliminary Examinations which are held in late November (before the winter vacation) and late January (towards the end of winter vacation). All examination students are charged an additional fee to cover boarding costs for the January Preliminary Examinations as this is a mandatory requirement. Classes IX and XI take Final Examinations in November and move onto the next class in February.


Parents receive two academic reports annually, at the end of each Assessment Period. These may be accessed on the school’s ERP system, through the school’s website. Parents may access their child’s academic achievements through the year by logging into the ERP system.

Hard copies are provided only on special request.

Academic Monitoring

Tutors monitor the academic progress of students in their care. A Senior School Coordinator looks into the overall academic needs of all students.

Support classes are provided to academically weak students as required.

Parent Teacher Meetings

There are two Parent Teacher Meetings scheduled in a year for parents to discuss the academic and pastoral development of their children.

Career Counselling

Exposure to workshops related to subject and career counseling are an essential componet of the academic curriculum. They enable students to make informed carrer choices based on their strengths and interests. The school has a full time College Counsellor on the campus to assist students with the college application process.

Many of our students aspire to seek admission in foreign universities. For these students, SAT classes are held in School. NIFT/NID Entrance preparation classes are held on and off the school campus, as required.


Some of the Colleges and Universities which have accepted Hopetown Girls’ School students in the last three years: