The Middle School

The Middle School curriculum that covers grades V to VIII, has been designed keeping in mind the guidelines provided by the National Curriculum Framework. To ensure the holistic development of the child, along with academics, subjects like music, art, dance and life skills have been integrated into the curriculum as opposed to providing them as merely extra - curricular activities. This gives an opportunity to the students to identify their potential and their latent talents and make informed choices with regard to their subjects when they reach senior school.

As a school we firmly believe that whatever is taught in the classroom should connect with the real world of the child and should be able to equip students with skills that will enable them to be effective individuals wherever they are. For the said purpose the teachers incorporate Backward Designing while planning their lessons in order to ensure a meaningful connect between the subject taught in class and the larger life of the child. Teachers are also encouraged to use a range of strategies while delivering the curriculum to address the different learning styles and to ensure effective teaching. Support is provided through relevant training, workshops and exposure programs.


There are two Assessment Periods in an academic year:                                            

Semester 1---- April- October

Semester 2---- November- March


Parents receive one Academic Report annually after the formal written examination in March every year. However a student's academic performance may be accessed on the school’s ERP system through the school’s website at all times during the year.

There are two Parent Teacher Meetings scheduled in the year.

Academic Monitoring

The academic and pastoral needs of all Middle School students are looked after by the subject teachers and tutors. Buddy time is allotted to provide extra help by fellow students to the ones who need extra support. Academic concerns are addressed by the Middle School Coordinator.