IT Labs: We have two Information Technology Labs which are well equipped with desk tops and software for the use of students and teachers.

The primary use of the Labs is to facilitate the learning of Information Technology and Computer Science for all students. In addition to this, the use of IT in teaching all subjects has a major focus in the school’s curriculum. Teachers receive on going training in IT and use a range of applications and software.

Senior students are permitted Lab time for research and communication. Grade XII students bring in their own laptops which they use for independent research, college searches and applications.

Middle School students use Apple iPads in the classroom. Teachers are trained to use Apple educational applications and are able to make learning a more relevant and interesting experience for students.

All classrooms have access to projectors, Apple TV and Wifi.

Media Centre: The school’s Media Centre is designed to provide all the facilities required to enhance learning. It houses a well equipped library of books, computers for private study, research and quiet individual spaces that encourage independent study and reflection.

Wi-Fi: The entire campus has access to Wi-Fi.  The service is closely monitored by the school’s intranet.

ERP: All school records are maintained on the school’s ERP system. Parents have access to Academic and Medical reports via their personal ERP IDs. All communication with parents is by email.

Cyber Crime:  The school pays particular attention to educating children about the safe and appropriate use of technology. Experts in the area of Cyber Crime regularly visit the school to run workshops for both staff and students.