Safe Club

Environment Club Program

Young people see a problem and are instantly motivated to act. A school environment club gives students the platform they need to take action on the environmental issues they feel passionate about. Channeling student energy and enthusiasm into an environment club will let students take a leadership role in identifying and achieving our school’s environment goals.

Environment Club Ideas:

  Some of the popular activities of our SAFE Club are:

  • Screening of films on environmental issues followed by group discussions.
  • Creating and delivering environmental presentations to peers.
  • Going on environmental focused trips.
  • Performing skits/songs with a green message at holiday assemblies.
  • Creating environmental tips and memos for school website, newsletter and bulletin boards.
  • Promoting special occasions like Waste Reduction Week, Environment Week and Earth Day.
  • Collecting Books and stationery at the end of the academic term and sending them for recycling.