MOTTO:  Enthusiasm and Strength



DISTINCTIVE FEATURES:  Resilience and fiery enthusiasm



SYMBOLISM:  Ziya – The phoenix embodies the principal attributes of the members of Ruby House:  Valour, Enthusiasm and Strength.


The Greek mythological bird, the phoenix, represents Ruby House.  It symbolizes the resilience and magnificence in every Rubian.


We take pride in our achievements and solidarity. If our fire does start to dwindle, we rise from the ashes and reignite that fire.  Ruby House, following the traits of its mascot, never escapes a situation – no matter how tough it is.  Its immortality lies in its strength, patience and survival.  Rubians are like the rising sun illuminating the sky with its radiance and shimmer.  In the words of Feng Shui Master L.K. Chuen,

“…the phoenix flies far ahead in the front, always scanning the landscape and distant     space.  It represents our capacity for vision, about our environment and the events unfolding within it.”