This is the second international collaboration activity. Our partner in this activity was a school called Gimnazjum No1. Bedzin, Poland. This activity involved students of Grade XI and XII. It was an activity which has created a lasting impression on the minds of the senior most students of our school by bringing them face to face with the harsh realities of life during periods of war, political strife, poverty etc. Students learnt about all these aspects by exploring different genres of movies from each other’s country. They understood how the political, economic and social conditions of a country inspire and influence movie making. The activity began by researching and compiling a portfolio of five selected films that significantly depict any historical, political, social or economic event of their respective country. These portfolios were exchanged and both schools watched at least two movies from the suggested five. After watching the movies, the teachers conducted a review and discussion session in class and then students emailed their observations and reflections about the movie they had watched to their pen friends in Poland.
This activity developed an understanding of international affairs. This activity has very successfully helped students to understand the impact of daily life events on cinema and vice-versa. It helped them to learn to communicate their views in an effective way and they understood how to express themselves without offending the reader even if they are making a critique. They were able to develop skills of critical thinking, written and aural/ oral expression and at the same time learnt to appreciate cinematic work in other countries and languages and their use for social reconstruction. The also learnt the difference in movie-making in our country and in Poland. They learnt to communicate despite the fact that the languages spoken by both countries are very different. Watching movies was great fun because they brought new life into History and Political Science lessons.