The school is a member of the International Award for Young People. A large number of students opt to work towards achieving the three levels of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards in an attempt to develop their interests in Adventure, Sport and Service to the Community.


"The International Award for Young People is a self development programme where participants work towards achieving the award in a non-competitive environment which develops a sense of confidence in them. The self confidence that I have seen in my girls after achieving the Award is remarkable, particularly in taking up new challenges in life. They have also developed a sense of giving more to society and have become more competent. To achieve the Award our girls have been involved in a number of ventures : They have taken up some really wonderful projects like educating underprivileged children of villages nearby and also the children of the construction laborers working in the school. They have been involved in wildlife conservation projects with the Wildlife Trust Of India. They have showcased their theatrical skills in plays on burning issues like women’s rights, health and hygiene etc. Our girls are also doing tremendous work in creating an awareness on environment issues in the villages nearby. IAYP participants have also successfully conducted fire drills in the school. Apart from this they have also experienced thrilling adventurous journeys to places like Rishikesh, Tungnath, Nagtibba, Ringali, Raipur etc. Every participant is puts her best foot forward to bring about the change she wants to see in the world today. I feel confident that all the girls can bring about the desired change." 

Prabhu Dutta Lenka
Hopetown Girls School