FEE STRUCTURE 2018 - 19


1. Non-Refundable One Time Fee
A. Registration Fee payable along with Registration Form  15,000.00
B. Admission Fee payable at the time of admission   75,000.00
2. Tuition Fee (Per Term)  81,000.00
The above Fees is to be paid by Demand Draft, RTGS / NEFT, Payment Gateway in favour of HOPETOWN GIRLS' SCHOOL, payable at Dehradun.
Cheques/ Cash will not be accepted.

There are two Terms in a school year.  Term 1 - April -  September  
                                                              Term 2 - October -  March



1. Interest-Free Refundable Security Deposit (Equivalent to one Term's Fee) Payable at the time of admission  3,41,000.00
2. Hostel Fee (per Term)  2,60,000.00
3. Fixed Subscription (per Term)  4000.00
Medical- Covers routine in-school medical check-up. All expenses incurred on medicines, specialist treatment/transport etc. will be charged extra.

4. Imprest Deposit:

Imprest bills on actuals of student's expenses are compiled and billed twice a year. This is in addition to the Term Fees.

a) Advance against expenses,viz. uniforms, books / stationery / art & craft material / fine art material / school publications, performing arts / photography and other clubs/ other hobbies, school photographs / DVDs /CDs. Extra coaching, French classes, special learning classes, Model United Nations (MUN), IAYP, SUPW, counseling, workshops / seminars, book fairs, tennis, extra / out of school sports, mid-term / other outings / picnics, postage /telephone, Xeroxing, Information Technology (IT),school functions, birthday, farewell / House parties, mattresses, bedcovers, toiletries, dry-cleaning, beautician, extra diet, pocket money / tuck shop, Late Fee, escorted homeward / schoolward journey etc., is adjusted against Imprest Deposit. Academic or other activities outside the regular curriculum and any other expenses not mentioned above are also adjusted.
b) Classes held during the winter holidays for Board Examinees are compulsory and will be charged extra, even if a child is ubable to attend. Board Examiniation Expenses will be charged extra.

The above Fees is to be paid by Demand Draft, RTGS / NEFT, Payment Gateway in favour of HOPETOWN HOSTEL DIVISION, payable at DEHRADUN. Cheques/Cash will not be accepted.


  1.  Fees are raised every year by approximately 15 % to cover the increase in staff salaries/inflation. 
  2.  Please ensure that the Demand Drafts are made out in the correct names.
  3.  Please mention the Name and School No. of your child on the reverse of the Draft.
  4.  Please send us the Name and School No. of your child and the UTR number incase of RTGS/NEFT transfers.
It is mandatory to give three months written notice before withdrawing a child at the end of the academic year i.e. 31st March. If three months written notice is not given,then three months' Fees will be deducted from the Security Deposit. If a child is withdrawn anytime after 1st April, i.e. after the beginning of an academic year,then six months' Fees will be deducted.



A formal letter of request for Refund of Security is required. Security Refund will be made at the end of November after the school audit.




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