This was the third collaborative activity with Korea Kent Foreign School, Seoul, South Korea. The focus of this activity was our environment. The students were from Grade V, VI,VII,IX,X,XI and XII. The students performed different activities in each of these grades. We began with Grade V learning about air and water as life supporting elements and then researching about countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka , Indonesia, Korea and China where high pollution levels are damaging the quality  of air and water. The students from Korea also explored these countries in their classroom. Grade VII students from Korea and India discussed these issues as a group on Google Hangouts. Our students were thrilled to be a part of this interaction. The discussion was very vibrant with a group of very energetic students from Korea. Grade VII and IX students expressed their understanding of these issues on a newsletter that they drafted with our partner school. The Grade X, XI and XII students who study pollution as a part of their syllabus in geography, environmental science and sciences expressed their understanding of environmental damage through a colourful graffiti wall. The activity concluded with a photography and photo caption event. All students had submitted entries on the theme 'Earth Watch' under which they had to show the earth in contrasting forms of serenity and damage. Prizes were awarded for the best photograph, most captioned photograph and 3 prizes for the best captions. The students have also taken up the responsibility to encourage social initiatives towards environmental protection and consistently spreading awareness about the environmental issues via the Earth Week activities each year.
This activity successfully enabled our children to understand the causes and impact of environmental degradation, developed skills of analysis, reflection, writing and animation in ICT, and developed empathy with the current state of the environment. It developed responsible behaviour towards the environment. 

Conversation between KKFS and HTGS on Pollution (ISA)