This was the first activity conducted in the school under the International School Award programme. The aim was to enable our school community to understand the significance of World Humanitarian Day and study about various types of voluntary humanitarian service being done in different parts of the world in support of a variety of causes. Grade V and VI students read and researched about Humanitarian Heroes in the world. Students were shown many videos that showed humanitarian workers risking their lives to save other people. They made posters projecting humanitarian ideals of peace, education for all, stopping child labour, gender inequality and many more. Students collected humanitarian and peace messages with doves symbolising peace. Grade VIII students launched an online campaign against ‘Discrimination based on physical appearance’ on www.change.org. Our students also volunteered to organise a sports day for a neighbourhood school. Finally, they shared the significance of World Humanitarian Day with the entire school in a special assembly on 19th August 2015. 




 World Humanitarian Day Assembly 1 

 World Humanitarian Day Assembly 2