All students eagerly looked forward to this activity which was third in line in the ISA series. The target groups were Grade VII, VIII and XI. The aim was to take the teaching of  Geography to a whole new level of fun! Students engaged in understanding the local cuisine of different countries, they prepared the dishes and also understood the various ingredients that are added in the process of cooking the dish. While the Grade VII students studied South America as a continent in their Geography lessons they explored more deeply about the crops that are grown in South America and thus the cuisine that has developed over the years using these crops. They were mentored by Grade XI students who cooked the South American dishes researched by Grade VII and organised an International Cuisine Evening creating bold South American flavours. Grade VIII conducted a survey on 100 Hopetavians about “What does Hopetown love to eat?” , they learnt to tabulate the data and present it using statistical diagrams in their maths lessons. The overall results were depicted on a display board entitled ‘Hopetown Loves to Eat’. The survey results created a lot of excitement because food is central to the life of a boarder and almost touches an emotional chord within them. Everyone was excited to know that Maggie Noodles received the highest votes for a Sunday breakfast, while 'rajma rice' and 'zeera aloo' were close competitors in the Indian segment. It was a fun- filled activity where children practically applied what they had learnt in the classroom. This activity made maths lessons very interesting. Senior students learnt how to plan and organise meals for a specified age group. They also learnt to estimate the amount of ingredients required. It was an event that will be fondly remembered by the Hopetavians.