All interested parents are required to first register their child.  This may be done by filling in and submitting the registration form with registration fee.  (Please see Fee Structure).  Candidates are also required to submit their birth certificate and academic records for the year at the time of registration.  The lower age limit for admission in the School is 9 years + as on April 1 of the year of joining the school in Class V.  Similarly, correlation of age and class to which admission is sought is an essential requirement.

Prospective Class V–IX students will be required to take an Admission Test and will be invited to do so in November or January, once the registration forms are in.

Prospective Class XI students will be required to submit their Prelims results for a provisional entry in April. This admission will be confirmed when the results are declared in June.

All candidates will be interviewed briefly by senior members of the teaching staff.

All candidates will be informed of the dates for the Entrance Tests and receive a syllabus and sample papers.  Tests will be conducted in three subjects, English, Mathematics and Hindi.

Failure to attend the Entrance Test without information will cause the candidate’s registration to lapse and the Registration Fee will be forfeited.

The Registration fee is neither adjustable nor refundable and is valid only for the specified academic year.  Registration of a child is not a guarantee of her admission.

Note:  The School reserves the right to change its Admission’s procedure from time to time without any notice.


The results will be compiled strictly on merit and availability of seats.  The Admissions Committee will offer seats accordingly.  The Admissions Committee is endowed with the right to reject any application without explanation and its decision is final. 

 The School fully reserves the right of Admission and its decision in the matter will be final and binding and cannot be questioned.


Parents of children admitted are expected to confirm their acceptance within ten days. The acceptance of admission should be accompanied by payment in accordance with instructions in the letter of offer sent by email. In case the fee is not paid by the stipulated date, the school will be entitled to offer the place to the next candidate in order of merit/position on the Waiting List. New entrants join in April.

On admission, candidates will be sent a set of Admissions Documents, allotted an admission number and placed on the rolls of the school.  Admission Documents and the Rules & Regulations of the school must be carefully studied by parents.

The Personal Data Form, Visitor’s List, Clothing List, Travel Instructions and Medical Certificate must be returned to the school office before the child is handed over to the House Mistress.  



If the student is withdrawn or does not join before the start of the Academic Year i.e 1st of April, the Registration Fee, Admissions Fee and Uniform charges shall be forfeited in favour of the school and balance will be refunded.


It is mandatory to give three months’ written notice before withdrawing a child at the end of the academic year i.e. 31st March.  If three months’ written notice is not given, then three months’ fees will be deducted from the security deposit. If a child is withdrawn anytime after 1st April, i.e. after the beginning of an academic year, six months’ fees will be deducted.


A formal letter of request for refund of security is required.  Security refunds will be made at the end of November after the school audit.2014-03-04

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