The following Athletes from our school have been selected to represent the 15th National Inter Distt. Athletics Meet – 2017, which will  be held at the Port Trust Diamond Jublee Stadium, Vishakhapattnam (VIZAG) from 24 th to 26 th Nov. 


The Athletes are:






                    : YUMNA AHMED – 600 M


                    : ARISHA KHAN – 100 M


U-16 Girls   : YASHASVI - DISCUS


                    : PRATIKSHA SHAH – 1000 M


Hopetown Girls' School has been adjudged the best Interact Club of district 3080 by Rotary Club.The area covered by district 3080 extends from Uttarakhand to Chandigarh including Uttar Pradesh and entire Himachal Pradesh.

Interact club of district 3080 is a global organisation within the orbit of Rotary. It includes a group of school going students below eighteen years and Rotary expects them to follow the ideals of Rotary, prepare them for future leadership and inculcate community service culture in their tender mind.


Gōjū-ryū is one of the main traditional Okinawan styles of karate, featuring a combination of hard and soft techniques.Gōjū-ryū incorporates both circular and linear movements into its curriculum, combining hard striking attacks such as kicks and close hand punches with softer open hand circular techniques for attacking, blocking, and controlling the opponent, including locks, grappling, takedowns and throws. This form of karate is a really effective defense technique for girls to learn.

Nine girls from our school were awarded Black Belts in the Goju-Ryu Karate Exam held in Dehradun on 07.05.17

1. Harsheen Kaur Bhasin

2. Ishita Kalra

3. Vasundhara Garg

4. Shreya Khetan

5. Divya Beriwal

6. Siddhi Aggarwal

7. Somya Aggarwal

8. Vidushi Lohia

9. Angela Garg

*Angela Garg also qualified for Black belt 2nd Dan.

World Scholar's Cup - Result 2017

The World Scholar’s Cup 2017, Dehradun Regional Round was held on the 4th and 5th of May this year. It was a fun learning experience.

The school won 169 medals in total (42 gold and 126 silver) and also achieved 5 trophies.

11 out of 12 teams qualified for the global round which is to be held in Vietnam from 25th of June to 2nd of July.



  • JUNIOR Category :
  • Mehal Anand,  Suhavi Gadh,  Tanvi Bindal (Top 11th Team Debate)
  • Saimaa Malhotra,  Kashvi Sikaria,  Siret Kaur Khaira - ( Top 11th Team Writing)
  • Junior School Top Scholar - Anamya Saraogi
  • Top Davinci Scholar - Mansi Khetan
  • SENIOR Category :
  • Nitika Kapoor - Top Challenge student  ( All subjects)
  • Noor Khatra - School Top Scholar   (3rd Overall Scholar)
  • (2nd Overall Top Team)

v  Shamaila Khan - 3rd Top team bowl

v  Noor Khatra  - 2nd Top team challenge

v  Nitika Kapoor - 3rd Top team writing

  • Esha Malhotra - Top 10th Debate Champion





14th National Inter District Athletics Meet- 2016 to be held at Vishakhapattnam (VIZAG) from 25th to 27th November, 2016.

Athlete’s Name



U-14 Girls : Nehal Preet Singh

Shot  Put


U-16  Girls: Devarshi Adwani

200 M


U-16  Girls: Mahii Madan

Shot Put & Discus


U-16  Girls: Anushtha Mahawar

Shot Put


U-16  Girls: Devika Singh


  • Hunerika Sharma of Grade 6 B won two Gold and a Silver Medal in 15th Uttarakhand Inter State 10 mts Air Pistol , 25 mts Rifle , and 10 mts Rifle Champoinship held at Jaspal Rana Shooting Range between 20th to 26 August 2016. 
  • UTTARAKHAND SCHOOL MERIT AWARD, EDUCATION TODAY, 2016. Hopetown Girls' School has been ranked No 1 girls' boarding school in Dehradun and No 4 in India.
  • Saisha Gupta Has Been Awarded Licence For International Scuba Diving.

 World Scholar's Cup - Result 2016

JUNIOR TEAM – 5 Gold, 22 Silver medals


  1. Sugiti Kumar 
  2. Mahii Madan 
  3. Zeenia Brar 
  4. Anushka Arora
  5. Mahii Madan 
  • Sugiti Kumar – Best Scholar of Hopetown

SENIOR TEAM - WSC (500) - 13 Silver, 9 Gold medals and 2 Trophies 


  • Top Team Debaters – Tanya Bindal, Vanshika Sahgal and Noor Khatra
  • Gold medalist in Collaborative Writing - Anamika De
  • Top Scholar in Collaborative Writing - Noor Khatra.  
  • Noor Khatra - 2nd Top scorer in South Asia.


1. World Scholar's Cup - Regional Round, Dehradun - April 2016

  • 161 Silver Medals
  • 57 Gold Medals
  • 10 Trophies
  • Maximum top positions

2. Dana Cup, Football Tournament - IInd Position
Rini Singh, Pratibha Singh and Dakshita Bhatia chosen for the Global Championship in Denmark, July 2016


Five Girls awarded  Black Belts in the Karate Exam held in Dehradun on 25.05.2016.


  1. Malika Narang
  2. Anamika De
  3. Manvi Mittal
  4. Manvi Tyagi
  5. Prachi Kumari


1.Karate Championship, International Academy of Martial Arts, April 2016

  • 8 Gold Medals
  • 11 Silver Medals
  • 8 Bronze Medals

Mahima Grover, Sakshi Agrawal, Sharanya Jakhmola and Sampada Pathak participated in The Doon School for the 59th Annual Chuckerbutty Debate. The team won three out of five debates. Our Achievements in the Preliminary Rounds are as follows:

  • Sameeksha Mehta, of class XII, stood 2nd in  the Odissi  dance competition at Virasat held during the month of December,2015.
  • Mahima Grover won  Best Speaker and  Most Promising Speaker.
  • Sakshi Agarwal was awarded  Most Promosing Speaker.
  • Sharanya Jakhmola was awarded  Best Speaker.

Hopetown Girls' School participated in the Cambrian Hall debate. Caroline Gbenah was awarded the second best speaker.
A Wynberg-Allen School on 28th - 29th August, Capta Caelum. Our achievements are as follows:

  •  Do-A-Duet - 2nd Position
  •  Fusion - 1st Position
  •  Ad Hoc- 2nd Position
  •  Plan a Playlet - 1st Position
  •  Digital Art - 2nd Position
  •  Hopetown stood second over all

Hopetown participated in the DSMUN 2015 from 21st August - 23rd August. Our Achievements are as follows:

  1. Goonj Sardana and Faiza Khatra  recognized as the Outstanding Delegate in the International Press.
  2. Akshita Bhansali awarded verbal commendation in the Lok Sabha.

Hopetown Girls' School participated in the Milestone, 2015 held at St. Georges College.
Hopetown stood first in Synthesis and Expression in Tandem.
Hopetown Girls' School stood second over all.

1. Noor Khatra stood amongst the top five scholars of South East Asia and the Best Scholar of the school, Junior Division.

2. Faiza Khatra stood as the Best Scholar of the school, Senior Division.

3. The senior team stood amongst the top five debate teams of South Asia

Mahima Grover, Sakshi Agrawal and Sharanya Jakhmola from Hopetown Girls’ School participated in the 2nd T.W. PHILIPS INTER-SCHOOL ENGLISH DEBATE. We were the one of the 10 schools to qualify for the parliamentary form of debate. Hopetown Girls’ School won the overall debate.

Mahima Grover, Goonj Sardana, Sakshi Agrawal and Rushali Rastogi participated in the 3rd YOUTH ENTREPRENEUR CONFERENCE at The Doon School. They stood second in the ECONOMIC FORUM.

A delegation of 18 students went to University of Petroleum and Energy Studies for an International Model United Nations Conference. The following were their achievements:

  1. Sakshi Agrawal was recognized as The Best Delegate and received a sum of Rs.4000.

  2. Sharanya Jakhmola was given High Commendation and received a sum of Rs.2000.

  3. Special Mentions were given to Mahima Grover, Insha Juneja, Alisha Jain and Dhruvika Garg with each of them being awarded with Rs. 1000.


Champions of U-14 District Basketball Championship’16

  1. Zoha Fatima
  2. Padma Nangsal Wangmo
  3. Mehvish Manzoor Wani
  4. Shreya Agarwal
  5. Kaira Bains
  6. Parnika Agarwal
  7. Lakshita Arora
  8. Aprajita Tiwara
  9. Jagriti Agarwal
  10. Urvi Jain
  11. Zoya Khurana
  12. Rajcy Gupta
  13. Sanvi Aggarwal
  14. Kashish Garg
  15. Khushi Uniyal

 Best Player for the Championship : Mehvish Manzoor Wani

In the 2nd District Junior Athletic Meet, 2015 on 8th August, we won 3 Gold Medals, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze.

Mahi Madan - Gold Medal - Shot Put
Devarshi Adwani - Gold Medal - 100mtr. race
Nivea Kalra - Gold Medal - Shot Put
Nivea Kalra   - Bronze Medal - Discus   
Devika Singh - Silver Medal - Javelin
We stood First in the Under 14 category.

These girls' will also represent the District Athletics Team of Uttarakhand for the forthcoming 13th National Inter District Jr. Athletics Championships, which will be held at Vishakhapattnam ( Andhra Pradesh ) from 5th to 7th Sept  2015.

  1. Hunerika  Sharma of  Grade 5 participated in the State Level Air Pistol Shooting in the Sub Sub Junior Category. She won a Silver medal and will compete at the National level in October 2015.

  2. On 18-19th of April 20 children participated in the Uttarakhand State Karate Championship (under 18 category). We won 7 Silver medals and 10 Bronze Medals in total.

  3. Prerna Dixit, Sarah Khanna and Amrit Mann are selected for the State Basketball championship.

  4. On 30th November, Sunday 107 girls' took National Level Karate Exam of which 4 girls' qualified for Brown Belt.

  5. Hopetown won the overall trophy for the 8th time in the DDCSA Swimming Competition. It was held at The Carman School on the 16th of September and our school scored a total of 110 points along with 14 Gold, 3 Silver and 5 Bronze.Vanshi Gupta got the best swimmer in junior category while Faiza Khatra was the best swimmer in the senior category. 

  6. 66th District Athletics Meet on 9th and 10th of November 2013. Over All Athletics Trophy with 11 Gold, 17 Silver and 7 Bronze Medals. In the Under-20 Section - Over All Trophy. Open Section – Over All Trophy.

  7. Samriti Jain and Sarah Khanna selected for the Dehradun District Team in the 13th Aspen Crew Uttarakhand, State Junior Basketball Championship held at Welham Boys School from 9th to 12th of May, 2013. The Dehradun team won  the Winner's Trophy.

  8. Twenty three Hopetown students represented Uttarakhand State in the 11th All India Karate Championship held at Shimla (Himachael) from the 9th to 12th of May, 2013 and won 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 9 Bronze Medals.

  9. Aananya Bansal was selected to represent Dehradun District in the Uttarakhand State Under - 14 Basketball Championship held at the Doon School, Dehradun from 15th to 17th of May, 2013.

  10. Sarah Khanna was selected for the Uttarakhand State Team in the Junior National Basketball Championship held at Cuttak (Orissa) from the 1st to the 7th of September, 2013.

  11. Our Swimming team participated in the 4th Mrs. E.C.West Memorial Inter School Swimming Competition held at Wynberg-Allen School, Mussoorie on 6th and 7th of September, 2013 and won 24 Gold, 20 Silver and 8 Bronze Medals.

  12. Punyaja Sinha was selected for the U. P. State team in the 17th ASISC National Aquatic Championship held at Valsad (Gujarat) on 6th & 7th of Otober, 2013. She won one Gold, one Silver and one Bronze Medal.


Navdanya held an Art competition on 30th September. Around 150 students participated in this competition.  Sacistha Shrestha (XI) stood second and Avnita Kumari (XI) stood fourth.

Unison World School hosted an All India Art Competition. Our school achieved the following:

  1. Paridhi Gupta and Vansha Choudhary - Digital Photography - 1st Position.

  2. Tanvi Agarwal and Vaishali Chaudhary - sculptor competition - 2nd Position.

  3. Nimrat Kaur - Painting - 2nd Position.


  1. Bhavya Agarwal of Class 11 is one of the 35 girls who got selected in the Guru Shishya Parampara (Kathak Dance) all over India in Mumbai by Pt. Birju Maharaj. 

  2. Samriti Jain Class XII participated in the Virasaat Festival, Dehradun, November 2013, in the instrumental category and played the Santoor. She won the Best Players Award in this category. 

  3. Sheryl Sadana Class X was invited to perform in the Bharat Sanskriti Utsav Kathak Dance Festival in Bardhawan.